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Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

2:04 AM

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Related article: Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:56:13 +0200 From: jaken Subject: hireling: hireling-8-.txt hireling-8 Please ignore the mistakes. Just find them funny ! Author: jaken, jakenemail.si Story involves sex, domination, joy and satisfaction! Do not read if you are not allowed to by some authority. If you are offended by sex or/and (sexual) abuse among men even when written preteen nudist party you do not have to read. Story is fictional. ------------------------------------------------- -------------- FINAL FRACTURE -------------- I respected him so much. I wanted him to do anything he wanted with me. His demanding look made my mind beg for his mercy. I knew I deserved the pain he gave me and was so thankful he played with me. "Thank you, Sir. I will do whatever you say." "Of course you will. You have no other choice." He grabbed me by my neck and squeezed hard suffocating me. I held my mouth open gasping for air. He started spitting in my face and inside my mouth. I looked at him trying to move but not wanting to use too much force. I loved his strong arms and his muscles showed perfectly as he squeezed me. I reached out my tongue trying to lollipop preteen models catch his saliva dripping down his chin. I could not hold my breath any longer and tried lifting him up with my arms but he kept squeezing harder till I passed out. He woke me up giving me air while kissing me passionately. I wanted this to continue forever. He did not allow me to breathe while kissing. I felt so much under his will and did not dare to move though I was afraid passing out again. I felt being his property and I was learning to satisfy him. He gained total control over me. I felt owing him my life. He was my creator. He got off of me and went to the toilet. I heard him pissing. I did not dare to move. He returned with a wet spot on his shorts. I looked at him preteen with cum and at hegre preteen samples the spot with such lust. "You will wear the shorts I gave you as underwear until I decide otherwise." "Yes sir. Thank you, Sir." He showed me to get dressed. I pulled the pants over the shorts and wanted to pull the pyjamas shirt over my head. "Stop. Now undress totally. Faster! preteen erotic movies That's it. Now start dressing up again." I looked meekly at him and saw his cock was semi hard showing through the tight red shorts he wore and the wet spot was almost gone. When I was pulling the shirt over my head again he punched my ass hard with his fist then grabbed front and back of the pants and pulled off furiously scratching over my cock and ass with his fingernails. "You have one more chance. Get dressed again!" I realized I should unbutton the shirt and then put it on; it was the only thing I could change really. I looked at him in fear. I stepped out of the pants and shorts he pulled to my ankles. I folded the pants quickly, then the shirt and put the shorts on. "Come closer. Stand here!" I moved to him and stood between his legs in his shorts. The shorts-trims were torn on one side and hung down. The shorts were really worn out and I enjoyed them. I was so proud wearing them. He took one flip-flop and started spanking my ass. "This is for the mistakes you made till now." He spanked hard few times then ordered me to continue dressing up. I pulled the pants on and did not really know if I should put on the shirt first. I unbuttoned the shirt and the buttoned it again. I stood frozen in front of him hoping I did it correctly. "I guess you just had luck this time. Finish the work and report to me before going home." "Yes Boss. Thank you." I went to the door. I notice he tore one fly-button off when he pulled down the pyjamas-pants. My cock hurt from the scratches he gave me. I was glad having the shorts on as now I was not able to hide the fly anymore. I wanted to put the laundry from Deman's room in the handcart I was using when a guy ran by and bumped into kp preteen forum me. "You jerk. Watch your step. You'll be sorry for this!" He punched me in my stomach then continued his way. I held my hands on my stomach and looked at his back in shock. He was not even taller than me and looked like a common guy. He did dress nicely. I was afraid to do anything and knocked on the next door. I looked miserable and I knew it. I thought it has all gone too far. I was here in the dorm full with boys dressed more like a prisoner than a cleaner. I think I had preteen supermodels star been humiliated in front of everybody that was in the dorm already. When I walked, the dirty torn shorts filled with my cum showed through the fly. "Hello. I am here to take your laundry." "It's about time." He threw the bag at my face. "Thank you." "You better do it fast or..." ... After I put everything to wash I went to have something to eat. I thought it was time for lunch already. I waited in front of the kitchen for preteen links angels someone to come. I opened the door and waited for the cook to see me. "Close that door!" he shouted at me so I quickly closed it and sat at the table. I must have waited for 15 minutes preteen swimsuit thumbnail or so when he returned bringing me everything on one plate. "So did you like your breakfast?" "Yes thank you. Deman brought it to me and it was fine." "I thought you won't be picky about the food!" With that he dropped the plate on the table making some of the food fall off the plate. "And clean the table when you are done." "Can you please bring me a fork and knife, please?" "No one here wants to use the same fork after you. If you do not know how to eat food you x preteens passwords can bring the service with you." He left and I started eating using my hands. He gave me rice, a piece of meat everything covered with salad. The rice was soaked with vinegar. At that time Don came by. The guy that ran by me and Mr. Rigory when I was given the new outfit; the plastic trousers and shirt. He stopped and looked at me eating with my hands. Don was a guy that seemed to care much for his outfit and looked quite good. He had long hair and playground preteen models very nice cut. He looked elegant in the black jeans and very nice blue shirt with some white patterns. I automatically stood up and stood still. He smiled and looked at me and my food. He checked me from head to toe. "So you don't tuck your shirt anymore?" My heart bumped. I totally forgot about that. I started tucking it inside with my dirty hands and he smiled then went inside the kitchen. `I am sorry...' was all I thought about seeing him enter. I sat and continued eating. I felt like an animal and preteen dark studio I was surely less than that to the boys. ... When I was done with the laundry I quickly returned folded clothes to the boys. I apologized to each of them for not doing it yesterday. When I was at Hun's room he forced me to enter and apologize to everybody that was in the room. The three guys listened to me apologizing then laughed at me then Hun pushed me out of the room. I knocked on Deman's room. He was dressed in tight jeans and black Tshirt. "You will wait for me in the basement. Have a bucket ready!" "Yes Boss!" I waited for him standing still at the wall where he played with me. When he came down he just looked at me then went to my locker preteen model galleris and took out the shirt Mr. Rigory gave me. "Start scrubbing the floor with it." "Yes Boss!" He threw the shirt at me and I went to my knees. He watched my every move. The floor was very dirty. He called for Hun and they smoked some cigarettes and were supervising my work. Hun kicked my ass. "Hey scrubber! Faster!" pretty preteen panties I tried to impress them and did the work as fast as possible while they talked to each other. My pants and sleeves got dirty and wet. I continued scrubbing the preteen llita floor at their feet and they did not move a bit. Hun pushed me with his feet so I felt forward on the wet shirt. "Are you clumsy again? Let's teach this faggot a lesson for ruining my shoes!" He grabbed me and pulled me up preteen nudist party by my pyjamas-shirt and tore one button. "Hey! Leave him do the work!" said Deman. Hun threw me back to my knees "Yea. Right. I'll catch up with you later." Said Hun and left giving me a slap over my head. "See ya scrubber!" I immediately continued with scrubbing when Deman stepped on my fingers. I looked up at him and admired the view of his crotch. I could see his navel under the short Tshirt he wore. I inhaled his smell when he shook some cigarette-ash on my face. I instinctively tried to move away and he squashed my fingers and I moaned in pain. I would scream but I was afraid to make too much noise. He just smiled. "Pick up the button!" I could not move my hands. I went down between his shoes and tried to pick the button up. He squeezed my head with his shoes and I could not take the button in my mouth. I reached out my tongue and tried getting it higher on a side of his shoe. "If you can little preteen cumshot not perform such a simple task I will have to use force on you, boy." He kicked me so I fell back on my ass. "Pull up your pants and show me your ass!" I lifted myself to pull the pants down then wrapped my arms round my knees exposing my ass to Deamn. "I see your hole is still red. It looks better this way. ha ha" He took the button and pushed three fingers inside with no warning. I almost collapsed in pain. It was so intense I could not even make a sound; I just whimpered. My hole stil hurt from the punishment I received earlier. For a second I lost control over myself and leaked some piss in the shorts. "Little baby can't hold his piss. It did not hurt you too much, did it?" "No Sir. Thank you, Sir." I wanted to cry. I was so afraid he will get angry for wetting the shorts he gave me to wear. "I want that button sawn back on by tomorrow!" He kicked me in the ass and left. I quickly dressed. It was late in the afternoon and the dorm was full by that time. I got to my feet and checked how I looked. I quickly went inside the basement toilet and tried to wash my pants and sleeves a bit. My crotch was a bit wet from piss but it was nothing to panic about. "Hey, Vik! You down there?" That was Mr. Rigory shouting. I went out of the toilet and looked at him. "Yes Sir. I just finished cleaning the basement and got myself a bit dirty and had to wash my clothes a bit." "Your crotch too? You can not walk around like this. Take the other trousers and change. Quickly!" I opened my locker and took them out then started undressing in front of him. I turned away a bit to hide my wet shorts and pulled the plastic trousers on and buttoned the fly. I felt the piss with my fingers as I did that. preteen dark studio I hung the pyjamas- pants over the locker-door and he pushed me in front of him. I did not manage to put on my flip-flops. "Tomorrow we will have the wall painted. You have to carry the things they conveyed inside. Where are your flip-flops?" I wanted to go back and get them and he grabbed my neck and pushed me forward. "Never mind. No time for that. You tore your new shirt! preteen modelig One button is missing! Can't you watch after the things that are not yours?" Outside there was a small van and pree preteen two guys waited. They were not very attractive. One was slim and tall the other tall and big. They did not greet me but just told me to carry what is in the van to the storage room. I wanted to take what to carry but the slim one stopped me and gave it to me. In each hand I had to carry like 20kg weight up the stairs. >From the car to the dorm-door was sand-road. I heard them laugh about the way I walked barefooted. I had problems opening the door. A few guys inside laughed at my slavery look. They haven't got used to it, yet, I guess. I began to sweat carrying the load. I had to walk pass Deman's room to get to the storage-room. The guy I bumped into when I came out of Deman's room after collecting the laundry in his room saw me walking up the stairs and stopped me. "Where do you think you're going?" "Please let me through. I have to carry real preteen foto these to the storage room." I tried to walk pass him. "Not so fast, shit-head!" he grabbed me by my jaw and pulled a step higher. I almost dropped the paint." "Please. I am sorry for earlier! Just let me through!" Deman must of heard us and came to the hall. "Hey Tom. Let him through!" I continued carrying the buckets towards Deman. "Stop. Is this the way you carry things? Lift your arms higher!" I looked at him and was thankful he helped sultry preteen me out. I put more strength into my arms and lifted the buckets higher. "That's it. Now walk on your toes." I felt ridiculus. Hun also came from Deman's room and laughed as I walked by on my toes. I had a hard time carrying all the stuff and my bladder was full. I needed to take a leak. Deman told me to run back and return as fast as I can that I should impress Mr. Rigory. I carried a ladder inside and some boxes and had to walk on my preteenboy sex toes when I was on the first floor. A preteen swimsuit thumbnail few more guys gathered and laughed at my performance, made comments on me being barefoot and some of them threw things at me, like squashed paper and stuff. I was all sweaty when I finished carrying the material and instruments inside. The shorts showed through the fly. Deman put the snaps on the trousers perfectly for that. preteen boys thumbs The trousers were very warm to wear, like for winter. The shirt was soaked. It was like 25 degrees Celsius. preteen porn ukrainian I was shoking preteen porn allowed to go home when I was done. Mr. Rigory told me to get to work at 5 a.m. next day and handed me a key to the back door. I went to Deman to inform him I was allowed to go home before I changed the clothes. "Hello Boss. I am allowed to go home now." He pulled me inside. "Why did you change your clothes?" he gave me a hard slap over my face then pushed my trousers to my ankles. "I asked you something, boy!" Another slap. "You better start talking!" and he slapped me again. I could not even open my mouth because he kept slapping my face. "Please Boss. Mr. Rigory told me to change. I washed the pyjamas a bit preteen erotic movies after the scrubbing." He grabbed my face and pushed his thumbs up my nostrils and pulled on my ears with his fingers. "I don't care what Mr. Rigory tells you to do! Is that clear?" He kicked my balls again. "aaaa." I mumbled. "Please Boss. I did not know what teen bikini preteen to do." He pulled harder on my ears and stuck his thumbs deeper then threw me on the floor. He started kicking me. "Get up! Get up! Faster!" He kicked me in my ass. "Inside the toilet! On your knees! Hug the toilet and start licking." I embraced it with my arms and licked still warm drops of piss on the toilet-seat. He pushed my face inside it and sat on my shoulders. "Suck it! Suck the piss out, you fucking toilet!" I reached out my tongue and tried to get as much of his piss. I sucked the water. The toilet looked like this looking from a side: udP. So the piss stays in the back of the toilet(d), and shit as well, until flushed(P). If you shit, the thurd does not drop directly inside the water(u). Some shit stains were still there, but I kp preteen forum guess while he pissed some of them mixed with the piss. I wanted to clean their toilet. I had no idea who Deman's roommates were. I only knew it was his piss I was sipping from inside the toilet. He bumped on my back like fucking me. He lowered himself behind me and bit my neck then started making movements like he was fucking me. I felt his hard cock and he started squeezing my nipples hard. By now I already licked the inside of the toilet clean. He moved higher and I felt him cumming over my head. The hot juice was slipping down my head and I tried to catch it with my tongue and taste it. He smeared the cum all over my head and face, inside my ears on my neck, and finally over my back till his hands were dry. I licked his fingers as he ran his hand over my mouth. ----------------------------- Author: jaken, jakenemail.si If you have the time, write to me as it makes me write faster! Thanks for reading and thanks for emailing me! The limits show my freedom
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Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

12:00 AM

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